Poppin' Mad Kettle Corn


Are you hosting a major event? Looking for a unique snacking option that will excite your guests? Choose Poppin’ Mad Kettle Corn! We are a step up from your traditional popcorn. Not only is our kettle corn scrumptious, but it adds an exciting experience to any event. Just imagine: the sound of the kernels popping in the kettle, the smell of a freshly made batch, and watching a bag being made especially for you! Poppin’ Mad Kettle Corn is tasty and fun for kettle corn lovers of all ages!

We take pride in our product and in our business. It is important to us to maintain a professional and uniformed appearance while providing positive service and a delicious product. Our booth is not only our work station, but an attraction for our customers. Watching the kernels pop in our giant kettle will have you feeling like a kid again. Do we have you hooked yet? Don’t worry, we can make a bag (or two) for you to take home.

Book Poppin’ Mad Kettle Corn for your next event!

Don’t miss out on having Poppin’ Mad Kettle Corn at your next major event. While we are based in Massachusetts, we want to share our savory snack all across the northeast. Kettle corn is the perfect snack for any event. From festivals and fairs, to music festivals and tournaments, we want to share our kettle corn with you! For smaller corporate and private events, call for more details!